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Scripture Flips

Strength Flip

Strength Flip

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The Strength Flip reminds us that we do not have to be strong. When we feel like we're not enough, like the task is too difficult, like we'll never get through our struggle, these strength verses remind us that it's actually God's strength that we walk in, not our own. His strength will flow through us to handle the road ahead. His power works best in our weakness (2 Corinthians 12:9). Can you already feel the burden lifted? And have you HEARD?? Scripture Flips are now available as an audio experience! Scan the QR code inside and push play. Beautiful music, beautiful scriptures, beautiful experience, beautiful God. Product description: Small enough to throw in your purse, bag or fit in your pocket, the compact size is the perfect way to keep these important reminders with you wherever you go. 3" x 2.75" with a chipboard cover, 22 heavyweight pages and beautiful graphics. Each Flip has two charms - beads and a cross. Every combination is unique. Includes a mesh gift bag.


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