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Midi Leopard Blue Dress

Midi Leopard Blue Dress

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  1. Button Front: This refers to the dress having buttons running down the front, likely from the neckline to the hem or a significant portion of the dress.

  2. Mid-Length: The dress falls somewhere around the mid-length, typically around the knee or slightly below.

  3. Collared Neck: The dress has a collar around the neckline, similar to a shirt collar.

  4. Detached Waist Belt with Belt Loop: The dress comes with a belt that is separate from the dress itself and is worn around the waist. It likely has loops on the sides or around the waist to hold the belt in place.

  5. Side Skirt Slits: There are slits on either side of the skirt, allowing for movement and potentially adding a stylish detail to the dress.

  6. Short Sleeve: The dress has short sleeves, likely ending above the elbow.

  7. Animal Print Woven Fabric: The fabric of the dress features an animal print pattern and is woven, indicating it's not stretchy like knit fabric but made with interlaced threads.


  • 2 Hours
  • For You or A Group Of Friends!
  • Private Shopping
  • Personal Styling (Optional) *Fill Out Questionnaire Prior to Event
  • Style Questionnaire
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